The Steve Yates Melanoma Awareness website was created by his family in his memory to help bring more awareness to this horrible disease. Our goal is to help others be more aware of melanoma, the dangers of sun exposure, good prevention measures and to do what we can to help find a cure.

Here you will find links to helpful information about melanoma, tips about how you can protect yourself and your loved ones, and ways you can help us spread the word.

The Yates family donating a big check to the University of Iowa Foundation. In the 5 years of hosting the tournament, we have raised $95,000 with help from our generous family, friends, and sponsors.

Steve’s Story

We hope that by sharing his journey, we will raise awareness about Melanoma and help save others from suffering the same fate.

In April 2007 Steve was first diagnosed with Melanoma. A spot was surgically removed from his shoulder and everything was good until the spot recurred in July of 2010. He underwent surgery again in August of 2010 and had a clear PET scan the following month. A short 4 months later, in January of 2011, the tumor on his shoulder returned and grew at a rapid pace. By January 31, 2011 the cancer had metastasized to many places in his body, including his brain, liver, bone, and spine.

The melanoma specialists in Iowa City tried everything they could. Steve underwent radiation treatments to his brain and spine and entered a clinical trial that was testing the effectiveness of drugs on melanoma that had proven successful at treating other cancers. Sadly, Steve’s cancer was too aggressive and he lost his battle on April 28, 2011 at the age of 63, less than 3 months after diagnosis.

Steve’s family includes his wife, Lani; son, Dustin and Kelli Yates; son Brett and Deanna Yates; granddaughter Eleanor Yates; and a sister, Diane Hudson and John Lund.